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Could you unplug from social media for 48 hours?

Whitelion Australia are challenging Australians to go cold turkey, and spend two days without checking their social media accounts to raise money for disadvantaged youths who’ve been disconnected from our community because of abuse, drug addiction or poverty.

If you’re keen to re-engage with real life, the mass social lockout campaign launches this Friday, 19 February. All you need to do is post the ‘Social Lockout’ image to your social pages and then nominate three others to take up the challenge. The nominees have two options – to accept the digital detox dare or make a donation to the fund.

To bail out of the social lockout, all of Australia must raise a combined total of $200k. Whitelion will use the money to help over 30,000 disadvantaged young people a year, offering mentoring, scholarships and back to work programs, which will give them the skills and knowledge to create a better future.


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