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Free Outdoor Workout Series With Bodypass and lululemon athletica

What: A series of four training events with Bodypass and expert trainers from across Sydney, in conjunction with lululemon athletica.

Number 3: The third event brings Dan Clay from Dangerously Fit for a challenging HIIT session that will strengthen your entire body and push you to the limit.

Ryan Salter and Alice Williams from Sydney East Sports Medicine and Orthopaedics will be offering free physiotherapy and sports nutrition consultations in store before the workout.

Why: To get a taste for an HIIT workout and get your muscles moving, the blood flowing and set you up for a great weekend.

When: Thursday, 5 May, 5.30pm – 7.00pm  for an evening of physio consults and an exciting outdoor workout.

Where: Meet at the Ivy lululemon athletica store, 330 George Street, Sydney.  Or meet us in Hyde Park (opposite the Sheraton Hotel) at 6.15pm to start the workout.

Reserve your spot here.

About: In 2003 Dan created Dangerously Fit, with the belief that everyone can become ‘Dangerously Fit’ if they followed the correct training program, ate the right foods and had a positive optimistic mindset. For the last 13 years Dan has been committed to achieving excellent results for his clients at Dangerously Fit. Dan has a certificate 3 in fitness instruction, a certificate 4 in personal training, a diploma in Sports Coaching, a certified TRX instructor, boxing instructor, Martial Arts instructor and Kettlebell Instructor.

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