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Join Bodypass run club with Jorg Fitness

What: Get ready for the Oatley Park Fun Run! Bodypass and Jorg Fitness are holding an 8am training session to help you smash your PB and take your running to the next level. The morning will kick off with an easy warm up, followed by dynamic stretches to prepare your body for the 3.5km or 7km scenic run around Centennial Park. The group will rejoin for power sprints and a strength and core routine before rounding up with an effective cool down.

Why: To gain some helpful running tips and increase your cardiovascular fitness and endurance.

When: Saturday, 12 March 2016 from 8am.

Who: Everyone is welcome to attend the run club, it’s FREE.

Where: Centennial Parklands Dining, 1 Grand Drive, Centennial Park NSW 2021

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